Is 2019 The Year Of Gobekli Tepe? - The Ancient Site That CHANGES EVERYTHING!

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In this video, I report on Turkey's Erdogan declaring 2019 the Year Of Gobekli Tepe. The ancient site of Gobekli Tepe changes everything we were taught by academic archaeologists about ancient civilizations. The extraordinary site which is hardly yet excavated is said to have been built around 12,000 years ago. Interesting, considering mainstream archaeologists claim human civilization randomly started around 3000 BC, about the same time as Stonehenge. Gobekli Tepe is 7000+ years older than Stonehenge and far more intricate and well built.

The effort put into building this massive megalithic site is awe inspiring, yet the mainstream talking point regurgitating historians who are too stubborn to change their viewpoint and admit they were wrong with the uncovering of new information claim Gobekli Tepe is an anomaly and that it was the FIRST example of human civilization.

So let us get this straight... Primitive cavemen put down their wooden spears and randomly built a massive megalith out of stone without any prior knowledge? The desperate attempt to cover up any examples of ancient human civilization dating back to and before the last major ice age during the Younger Dryas Period is absolutely astonishing. The evidence at this point is incontrovertible.

With a massive extinction event happening around the end of the Younger Dryas period where meteors and plasma bursts are considered incredibly likely, especially in light of recent findings like the massive crater in Greenland, it seems quite obvious that an incredibly advanced ancient civilization was lost from the face of the Earth following an ancient cataclysm, the likes of which we could not imagine.

So if the Turks could have built something like Gobekli Tepe around 10,000 BC, why couldn't Atlantis exist? Why shouldn't Plato have been right in recounting that ancient Egypt was just an offshoot of the Atlantians? There are thousands of examples of pre-dynastic architecture in Egypt that far outweighs what the dynastic Egyptians were capable of. There are countless examples in Giza alone, including the clearly water eroded Great Sphinx. There are countless examples in Peru including in places like Machu Picchu where you can clearly see pre-Inca stone work which is beautifully precise with rocks interlocking all while far more primitive Inca stone work is built on top. The pre-Inca stone work was clearly struck by a massive earthquake while the Inca stone work was not.

There is a clear coverup of the origins of human civilization. One has to ask why? Why do governments around the world restrict serious excavations and research into this? Why does the media attempt to discredit people like Graham Hancock and Dr. Robert Schoch as they expose clear evidence that the stories we've been told about ancient civilization are wrong? Who benefits? What do they know that they don't want us to know about?

We at WAM plan on going to Gobekli Tepe as part of an investigation into the true origins of human civilization and the massive cataclysm that wiped out an incredibly savvy, advanced civilization. You can find our GoFundMe link below.

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Amazing information about such a great discovery that will end lots of lies, at least for the people that really want to know about our present past. Hope you can get there and share your experience. Cheers! Upvoted and re esteemed

Mainstream scientists like ZAHI HAWASS are so bought and paid for , that they hold no credibility with me . Just like the planetary scientists who got the age of our universe way wrong , and instead of being only 15 billion years old , we’re in fact much older . They are hiding very important things from us , but unfortunately for THEM the universe is very large , and full of life . Many have come here to guide us . We have been here before . Maybe thousands of times before . I still have very vivid dreams of entire modern civilizations with cars , planes , skyscrapers , and seemingly having similar problems of gangs , political corruption , and wars . Maybe no matter how advanced we become , we seem to have the same shortcomings . Regardless we must move forward , and looking at our past is part of that . The truth will come out . We’re an ancient race , and have many different sizes , and colors . Just look at HINDU folklore . It is full of many colored individuals . Look at CHINESE folklore with some so called gods being of golden skinned . Some even believe we are someone else’s little ant farm . We may be a genetically engineered beings . With a design and purpose that is still unknown . I have to think about how the Illuminati always give us clues in their TV shows and movies . Look at shows like “THE LAND OF GIANTS” , and “STAR WARS CLONE WARS” . Have we been built for war❓Are we a warrior race that can be deployed to other planets to conquer, and decimate other civilizations❓Because it seems like wherever we go there is war , and destruction . Time to revisit ourselves , and take an accounting of who we really are .