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Istria Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) are inseparable linked with the history of Orthodoxy in our country. Crinkled her becoming independent can be called 1448, when he was personally appointed Metropolitan of Kiev and all Russia, without the participation of the Patriarchate of Constantinople. Such a separation did not go unnoticed, as he in the country were formed two independent currents. The first part of the Church was under the patronage of the local Metropolitan, the second in canonical unity with the Patriarchate of Constantinople. With this problem for a long time had to fight and handle organizational and administrative issues.

Efforts have been made a lot, and thanks to the selfless work of the leaders of the Church in Russia, triumph of Orthodoxy, under the guidance of the ROC.

Her work was so successful that after some time, the world began to form the view that Moscow is the only bulwark of the faith. 1589, the year was notable for the fact that the Metropolitan of Moscow was finally awarded the status of the Patriarchs. The moment is considered the starting point for major reforms. In the first place was the increased number of dioceses and erection in a dignity worthy of the clergy. The second task was more laborious, and occupied a period of several decades. Through Siberia, Kazan, Karelia, Orthodoxy has been very slow to spread, and would need to send in those regions effort.

After all changes were completed, we brought the same Russian Orthodox Church that we can observe today. Naturally, in her way had problems – splits, strife, and other unpleasant moments. But today, the ROC has finally managed to solve them all, and it rightfully holds its strongest position. Huge religious organization was a long and difficult path. But now she was able to combine almost all the Orthodox churches and their parishioners, and this is a huge achievement.

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