Bilbo Baggins

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Bilbo Baggins.jpg

Bilbo Baggins was born in the middle earth of Tolkien in 2890 of the third age. Bilbo was born in the Shire. Gandalf and Thorin formed a team to get back the Arkenstone in Erebor. And Gandalf chose Bilbo as a thief. So Bilbo, though reluctant, embarked on an adventure with thirteen dwarves and a sorcerer. Bilbo survived many adventures at the end of his journey to Erebor. And Bilbo found the power ring here. After arriving in Erebor, Bilbo was able to steal Arkenstone from the dragon Smaug. And then the Dwarves and Elve armies defeated the Orcs, who attacked Erebor. After Erebor became a kingdom again, Bilbo returned to his hometown. And here he began to raise his nephew Frodo. Bilbo also began writing a book about his adventures. During the Ring Wars, Bilbo went to Rivendell and lived there. After the ring was destroyed, Bilbo went to the immortal land and lived there.

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