Meriadoc Brandybuck

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Meriadoc Brandybuck was born in 2982 of the third age in Tolkien's middle earth. Almost everyone called him Merry instead of Meriadoc.

Merry is one of the Hobbits who set out with Frodo to take the power ring to Rivendell. Merry later joined the Fellowship of the Ring. During the Merry and Pippin voyages, he met the Ents and managed to organize them to attack Saruman. Merry has participated in all battles during the Ring Wars. After the ring was destroyed, Merry returned to the Shire with the other Hobbits. And he saw the Shire occupied by bandits. Then they fought the bandits and saved the Shire.

In later years Merry married. And Merry was chosen by Aragorn as the counselor of the North. And Merry was the ruler of Buckland. But then Merry left his powers to his son and went to Rohan. Merry then went to Gondor and lived there until his death. Merry built a library and wrote several books. Merry passed away in the 65th year of the fourth age.

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