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Tar-Aldarion was born in the middle earth of Tolkein in the 700 year of the second age. The real name of Tar-Aldarion is Anardil. In his youth Anardil went to the grey harbors and became friends with Gil-Galad and Cirdan. Anardil also learned to build ships from Cirdan. Anardil later returned to Numenor but always wanted to sail. Even though his father was against this situation, Anardil continued to travel frequently. Anardil, divorced from his wife because of the love of the sea. Anardil became the king of Numenor in 883. However, Anardil was not interested in directing Numenor and continued his voyages. In 1075 Anardil waived the rights of the kingdom. And Anardil made her daughter the first queen of Numenor. Anardil passed away in 1098 of the second age.

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