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Tuor was born in 472 of the first age in Tolkien's middle earth. Tuor was raised by an Elve from the Andolth cave. Tuor was later captured by eastern people. Tuor was held captive for three years and then fled. For revenge, Tuor began to attack the eastern people. And Tuor has been a great danger to the eastern people. In later years, Ulmo asked Tuor to find the secret city of Gondolin and warn the king of Gondolin against Melkor. After long trips, Tuor found Gondolin. But the King of Gondolin ignored Tuor's warnings. But the danger has occurred and Melkor has attacked Gondolin with a huge army. Realizing the war was going to be lost, Tuor helped the innocent Elves to escape from Gondolin. And Tuor helped the Elves settle in Sirion. Then, Tuor built a large ship and opened to sea. It is not known when Tuor died.

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