The Most Important Thing of The Most Important Building in Gyeong Bok Goong was Nature

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Geun Jeong Jeon is the most important building in Gyeong Bok
goong. Geun Jeong Jeon was used for the official meeting and ceremony.
So Geun Jeong Jeon was the essence of the Confucian political philosophy. It contained meaning of the world. The place where Geun Jeong Jeong was quadrilateral. Quadrilateral means earth. They thought sky is round and earth is Quadrilateral. Actually this kinds of view was originally from ancient korean's view of the world. I could not explain how it could linked to Confucian view of the world in making palace. Anyway It means the king rule the earth by delegated power from heaven.

So Geun Jeong Jeon should be highest.

In Korea the palace was built by wood. So as a wooden building, that much height was not easy to make. It looked two story, but actually one story building inside.

Let's look at the other directions.

Several years ago I had visited Gyeong Bok Goong with a professional photographer. At that time he told me this angle was the best place to shot the real feature of Geun Jeong Jeon.

In Korea, the Palace should be built with the harmony with the surrounding mountains. As I had posted before several times, mountain has very important meaning in korean life. Each mountain has it's characteristics and meaning. So even when building a Palace, they should take a consider of mountains. They had believed in mountain keeping the Palace. So my friend photographer told me Geun Jeong Jeon, even the most important building in Gyeong Bok Goongk was the part of Nature. So without mountains surrounding Geun Jeong Jeon, Photo would not be perfect.

What do you think ? Do you agree with my friends words?
I understand his thought.

Below is the Gate to Geun Jeong Jeon. Each building has different shapes according to different angles.

When I looked around outside of Geun Geong Jeon. The impressive thing was a contrast with contemporary buildings surrounding the Palace

You could enjoy contrast and harmony among a tradition, a present and a future.
The tradition has meaning when there is the present, and the future without the present is nothing to us.

Let's get closer to Geun Jeong Jeon next time.

Thank you for reading.

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I always enjoy your pictures and posts about Korea..make me wanna visit. Keep it up


Thank you so much



royal venue along with other important buildings in the palace: "Gyeongbok" literally means "the new dynasty will be greatly blessed and prospereous," and "gung" is "palace." Geunjeongjeon, or the main throne hall of Gyeongbokgung Palace, ... Most importantly, it was the symbol of national sovereignty.

the photo you taken is very beautiful and it captures the heart of south korea.
the most important parts of the country with the history that set south korea legacy by his kingdom,all and all you got wonderful photo shoot love it..

thanks for sharing..

long live south korea ^_^

i give u my upvote and support @slowwalker.

kindly see my post..hoping for your kind your favorable support too..


welcome my dear friend..I wish you success and feel free to see my posts too...I always appreciate your support.

The past is so important, @slowwalker, especially when considering the impact of history on tradition and culture.

In your last post you traced the vestiges of Buddhism in the Confucianism Palace.

In this post you trace the influence of Nature on architecture, particularly on Geun Jeong Jeon.

Architects have known for centuries that the most important feature of a building is its setting. The light changes in different locales and a building should harmonize with its setting.

But there are certain religious and philosophical implications attached to settings--especially mountains.

You mentioned that each of the surrounding mountains has its special characteristics and meaning.

So, even this point of view has to be taken into consideration when deciding on the composition of a photograph, because when the setting is taken into consideration, the photo can say so much more than mere technical skill can demonstrate.

I appreciated your photos so much more after you included this information.

Two excellent posts, my friend!


Thank you for your comment as always


At least we're getting aware about the history and other things about other places from the other part of the Globe

wow as always you have great photo shoot..i love your caption on this photo..

Geun Jeong Jeon is the most important building in Gyeong Bok
goong. Geun Jeong Jeon was used for the official meeting and ceremony.
So Geun Jeong Jeon was the essence of the Confucian political philosophy. It contained meaning of the world. The place where Geun Jeong Jeong was quadrilateral. Quadrilateral means earth. They thought sky is round and earth is Quadrilateral. Actually this kinds of view was originally from ancient korean's view of the world. I could not explain how it could linked to Confucian view of the world in making palace. Anyway It means the king rule the earth by delegated power from heaven.

So Geun Jeong Jeon should be highest.

you captured the original heart of the city, the kingdom of the great king of the history of south Korea .thanks for sharing,,

as always i give you my upvote and support..keep it up buddy,

i want you to know that we will always support you..all out long...we are your loyal followers..thanks for coming into our life..

have a great day..@slowwalker

Yes. Its most important history of the world,.



nice post sir your all contents are great


Thank you so much

Great post @slowwalker ,thanks for sharing !

I just followed you ,please be kind to follow me @braveheart22 as well .

let's rest connected for our quality posts ,best regards

Your @braveheart22

History, Tradition and Culture important for everyone.

Good shots and documentary again, thanks!

The palace really looks very nice against the background of the mountains. Mountains and the palace as a whole))) I like your photos)))


thank you as always

indeed your photos are amazing ...
nice and interesting ..
thank you


Thank you for your visiting

thanks for your great article about korean culture and history @slowwalker ,, nice to know you in steemit.

Now i can see how it really inspired the Forbidden City.. :)

thanks for the information. what your news is useful for us all ..


Thank you so much

  ·  3년 전

the photos remind me of the film " Da Changjin " in Chinese . very nice post , learn the history and culture from it , thanks for your hard work !


Thank you so much for your comment

it is surprising to learn that such building is actually one story building. I've always thought it's two story .


Next time I will show you


Horray..! Thank you @slowwalker, I've been very curious about this kind building from the inside. Can't wait to have a virtual 'tour' with you :D

I like your expression in title. I can't but agree.^^

The most important thing was nature~

very interesting post @slowwalker if you are not busy visit my blog to look around :)

I like this "They had believed in mountain keeping the Palace", it's relation between them! Wonderful Palace :)


Thank you as always pepe

Your posts are amazing man! Keep it up!

Thank you for this interesting post. The photos as part of your tour and the history you give makes good reading. I love the sloped roof and decoration of this building and seeing it from every angle gives great perspective. As I have an interest in philosophy, giving us a glimpse of Confucian philosophy spurs the imagination.

Nice to see the old building in the midlle of all new architecture,.. I like the old more !!


I just love the old chinese way how they build buildings... It is truly a pity that this style isn't build anymore :-(


You can find that in Seoul

Me too.

Thank you for your sharing ^________^

from what you can be concluded Korean people of ancient times in building this building very care and attention to natural factors, it turns out the ancient people are very loving and keep nature, even to the very detail of the attention especially in the building even though ..., interesting post @slowwalker

as always great pictures of impressive buildings! As a hint my friend, you seem to have some protection on the mirror of your camera. It is always the same spot right above. I had to have my camera therefore also cleaned several times.


Thank you
I will clean it


haha ok..... 📸

What a delightful post! Indeed, the Palace looks harmonious when photographed between the mountains, and the modern buildings look out of place in the photos showing them as the backdrop to the Palace. I enjoyed the photo with the woman wearing what I think is traditional dress (the pink skirt) walking across the courtyard - or is that just a long skirt?

What a beautiful and ornate structure. The backdrop of the mountains is wonderful and the backdrop of the modern buildings is striking.

Two contrasting buildings in one picture gives an image of ancient and modern fabulously well.

Fantastic photography!

How old is the temple?


that is a Palace


Oops! I apologise.

How old is it?

Nature its perfection itself and we are here to cherish and respect Her!

I respect and truly love the people, cultures, and everything that gives the nature back what deserves and caring.

Thank you for this beautiful article!

Enjoy, my way to cherish nature and keep it close to our souls!

Beautiful architecture and photographs :)

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Place looks beautiful and your friend might be superstitious but its obvious that mountains made the click more perfect.


thank you

I wanted to know more about this place. Thank you for such wonderful post!

Cool pics!


Hey @slowwalker! Hope you having a lovely day :)

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It would mean a lot to me <3 Thank you !

Such a beautiful buildings, Nice culture all over Korea. That's why people call Korea as the Shining light at the east. <3


my Tagore


Our Tagore :-)

The 5th and 7th pictures are my favorite. I love how one of them has the mountains in the back and looks like it could be a very old image. Then the 7th has the modern buildings behind it. Nice job showing the contrast!

And it looks like we are back on schedule. I posted about 15 minutes before you.


thank you
It is one of my happiness to read your posting

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Very interesting post! Korea is one of my favorite countries

hi, nice to read about you.
i am, sajedul ahmed, from bangladesh,am also new on steemit and welcome you to steemit.
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If its only one floor, is the ceiling really high inside? or is it full of wasted space inside what looks like the second floor?

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beautiful photo
good post

Visited the palace before, compared to Forbidden city, the palace is much humble and less stress to be within. Enjoyed the scenery around it and it was well preserved too!


thank you for your comment


No prob @slowwalker :) I enjoyed ur serene posts

Woooow! It's very unique. Nature on one side while the other side are buildings. Thank you for sharing the culture of Koreans. Kamsahamnida!

it's so beautiful!

Breathtaking photos my friend! These buildings amazing architecture always amaze me! What a powerful quote you mentioned mate : the future without the present is nothing! Means really a lot!
Thanks so much for sharing my friend!


thank you for your visiting as always


Your posts are very much educative for me my friend, that's why you will always see me there!
Thank you!

thought it was off in the mountains somewhere on that first photo, but then in the others the city is right there? so i guess not lol great shots of it :)

Always wonderful to see the wonders of Korea! Soothing pictures

Hi @slowwalker! I really like you name. Do you walk really slow??? =D
Anyways, I enjoyed your post and the view is awesome. Thanks for sharing! I hope you can take a look at my blog too @tiffanyrej

The harmony of your palaces with the surrounding nature is worthy of admiration! A place that fills the soul with freedom! I enjoyed viewing these photos. Unfortunately I spend a lot of time in the city now, because my little children go to school! My soul aspires to travel! I wrote today about an old collection of postcards from the times of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, have you seen @slowwalker ?

That is a great piece of art and architecture. I always love these types of pagodas top.

This was an interesting article with nice pictures! Looking forward to more from you!