Today in History: Nero Claudius Caesar was born

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On today's date, 15 December in the year 37, the Roman emperor Nero Claudius Cesar was born.

Back from the history lessons I remembered Nero, for the rumor that he was the emperor who burned down Rome.

Apart from being emperor he enjoyed spending his time acting in the theater and writing poems.

He enjoyed composing songs which would be played throughout the whole Roman empire.

Nero was quite shy of his singing capabilities so it wasn't until the year 64 that he started preforming publicly.

Nero wasn't supposed to become emperor, but then his uncle, Claudius, whom also adopted Nero, married his mother, making Nero the heir to the throne.

As Claudius died in the year 54, on October 54, at just 17 years of age Nero became the emperor of Rome.

Nero was fast at learning and gaining power, so it was not long before he started killing his competitors and threats and free'd his thoughts of his advisers.

Nero was ruthless, he even had his own mother, Agrippina, killed in the year 58.

Further family violence, it is believed that in the year 65, Nero had kicked his pregnant wife to death.

In the night of 19 July 64, the famous fire broke out, for which the rumors said Nero set up, some even speculate that he did it to get an idea for a new poem.

This is a rumor that cannot be verified as there is much lack of historical evidence, the few remaining ones actually point to a different outcome, that Nero even rushed back to Rome to get the fire under control.

Nero's days were slowly coming to an end as in March 68 a rebellion against him, with Gaius Julius Vindex as leader started.

As support for the rebellion was increasing the Senate declared Nero a public enemy.

As the senators felt loyalty to the royal bloodline, they actually wanted to work out a way of compromise.

Nero unfortunately was unaware of the fact and attempted suicide shortly after hearing the news of being declared a public enemy.

He did not have the strength to carry out his suicide and had his secretary finish him.

As Nero was bleeding out, a rider arrived with the good new's of compromise with the Senate, despite the good will, it was too late.

Nero died shortly after, on 9 June 68, with his final words "Too late! This is fidelity!".

Quite an interesting character, murderer, poet, actor, emperor and well remembered for the burning of Rome, Nero surely left a deep mark in the historical tales of Rome.

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