Daily hit-parade - 2019.07.16

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Welcome to the Steem daily hit-parade.

Check what are the posts that have best performed yesterday. This is hit-parade content is based on posts created from UTC 00:00 to UTC 24:00.

Top 10 posts by number of comments

95 @taskmaster4450What Steem Really Needs To Change The World
88 @steemitblogAnnouncing Steemit's New Delegation Application Process
87 @surpassinggoogleThere Is One More Reason To SportsTalk; You Can Earn 'MARLIANS'!!!
74 @dswigleToday's Forecast: Sunshine and Happiness
64 @naha.sct나풀나풀 나하풀 7월 2주차 보상 분배 완료 + 풀보팅 주사위 이벤트
61 @shakaLMAC #23 - The Finalists! Vote for your favorite entry and help decide who the winners will be!
60 @masoomDaily Giveaway:- 1 SBI share / 1 SM card (water elemental) July 16
54 @dswigleA Touch of Trees on Tuesday
54 @nonameslefttouseSomething Else and A Few Other Things
53 @naltedtirtNeil Armstrong walks on the MOON!! 50 years ago and other events.

Top 10 posts by pending payout

105.582 @zakuBDExchange a STEEM-ENGINE Friendly Bot
103.972 @adsupIntroducing ADSup A Curation Account from ADSactly...
82.646 @steem.organicSteem Organic Trending for 16/07/2019
82.508 @majes.tytyty“The Girl with Emphysema,” by Bob Rivers … (Comedy / Parody – Music to Your Ears, Mock’n’Roll–11)
65.7 @mypicsAlways The Foreigner! Sharing Thoughts (U log)
62.655 @coingallantInterview with Special Guest Andrarchy - The Future of Steem
57.403 @ghiRemarks of the players about Worldcup
56.257 @jangEvery Day I'm Hustlin...
50.26 @nicholasliveSteemSavvy Founder Interview - Best Place to Learn Steem!

Тоp 10 posts by number of upvotes

2206 @vapenation😂 Watch these Comedy's and LOL 🤣!!!
1816 @steemautoSteemauto - Free and unlimited automation service on the Steem blockchain! #300
1588 @steembasicincomeMonday Night Contests
1481 @steem.organicSteem Organic Trending for 16/07/2019
1297 @quratorQurator's Tasty Tuesday #84
1128 @marcoriccardiWhen The Tundra Calls / Remnants - Finish the Story Contest #58
1126 @ancolieMission CLEANPLANET avec E-Z- CLEAN
1098 @brandonkUFC on ESPN 4: Dos Anjos vs. Edwards [Predictions]
1083 @jadams2k18The Job Interview. Sci-Fi Short Story
1073 @steembasicincomeMember Delegation Report 16 July 2019

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First time ever I've got a mention in the #steem-hit parade! Totally unexpected! Thank you @arcange

Thank you for the mentions in the #steem-hit parade today @arcange!

Thank you for the two mentions in the #steem-hit parade today @arcange! You totally made my day!

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