Daily hit-parade - 2019.08.23

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Welcome to the Steem daily hit-parade.

Check what are the posts that have best performed yesterday. This is hit-parade content is based on posts created from UTC 00:00 to UTC 24:00.

Top 10 posts by number of comments

168 @timcliffOpen Letter to all Steemians - Hardfork 21: Culture Change
121 @dswigleMarket Friday back on the House Hunt
114 @jungjunghoon(종료)[AAA이벤트 - 벌써 금요일] 주사위를 돌리면 총 1500개 AAA 지급, 8/23(금)24:00까지
89 @plankton.tokenDaily Plankton Token's Steem Power (SP) Prediction Game! - Day 36
81 @fedesoxAl posto giusto nel momento giusto
69 @xpilarThe image is made of own imagination and thoughts
62 @theycallmedan#NewSteem Twitter Memes & Gif Contest!
61 @june0620[Food] 8월 회식은 족발로 가즈~~아!!
58 @jungjunghoon[AAA이벤트 - 신나는 토요일] 주사위를 돌리면 총 1500개 AAA 지급, 8/24(토)24:00까지

Top 10 posts by pending payout

138.49 @originalworks~7,000 STEEM Writing Contest - ENDING IN 3 DAYS! - Supported: Steemit, DTube, Medium, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram
103.821 @hatuBlockchain Project (Karatbars) is taking Legal Action against an overpriced ICO Agency
85.106 @carlgnashProve it to me
71.004 @edgarare1Resisting Change.
70.439 @kalemandraWater lilies in 3 colors
63.522 @majes.tytyty“Wicked Game,” by Chris Isaak … (Folk Rock – Music to Your Ears–40)
57.463 @coingeckoCoinGecko is Tracking Steem Hard Fork on the Front Page!
50.897 @timcliffOpen Letter to all Steemians - Hardfork 21: Culture Change
50.246 @slowwalkerIn Iksan City, the Old Capital of Baekje Dynasty
43.545 @fenrir78KRWP에 대한 이해 - 초급편

Тоp 10 posts by number of upvotes

2020 @steemautoSteemauto - Free and unlimited automation service on the Steem blockchain! #336
1683 @steembasicincomeOutgoing Votes Report 22 August 2019 (plus final thoughts on HF21)
1394 @rabbitblackPlein Air Landscape Painting Timelapse - Trees on the Lakeshore
1333 @venusascending22.08.19 : The Triptych
1309 @mgaft1We-Write #4: The Storm
1306 @mxznBuilding
1306 @blog-foodCherry Stuffed Duck
1298 @mariossapExploring Mount Penteli in Athens,Greece
1286 @harlotscurseΑὐτεινοι
1266 @marcusbraeburnBraeburn's Premier League - Week 3, The Big Questions.

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Thank you for the mention in the #Hit-Parade @Arcange! It is always an honor to see my name on your list!

As always, many thanks for all you do to make steemit the place I want to be!


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