Importance of Engaging Content To Yourself and Steem Platform

3년 전

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In this video, I talked about

  • What engaging content is
  • how to improve engagement on your content
  • The importance of engaging content
  • Finally, discussed my motto and encouragement to content creators.

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There is a huge problem all over the internet it seems. People are producing several pieces of content every day but most don't take/have the time to check out other's content. That's fine but don't expect much. I admire your dedication and honesty and if I had a shit ton of SP I would send you more than .003 each time. You deserve it.


I appreciate your kind words Chris and man I wish I had a shit ton of SP as well. I'd reward a lot of great contenr creators around the block that don't get love because of all the underground politics.

I also appreciate the time you take out to intwract with me always. You're a really great guy and its awesome that you're back around here again

This is actually pretty good advice I liked the... proof of Awesomeness.


Yeah. I feel engagement is one of the best ways to know you're doing something right.
After throwing out the content, getting responses and comments is a yardstick to measure your quality.
Steem's dynamics means that a bunch of means can be used to improve engagement, whether its through incentivising comments or just provocation, either way, you're doing something right