This is how challenging is 3SPEAK !

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In this videos I talked about @threespeak !

I discussed how challenging is the platform !

It's the biggest challenge I have to grow here !

Enjoy watching. ☺

Today I reached 77 subscribers. Really nice number.


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You've made some valid points mate. Steem itself is quite challenging but in the end it's worth it. I like the approach you're taking and I pretty much agree that commenting and engaging are things that effectively help . See you around bro, Cheers!


Thanks, for your comment. Yeah, steem is also challenging. That's why it's a proof of brain. We're all here, learning, improving and growing and the engagement is also a part of that. ☺

HI Brother, yes, for me it's time management challenges, As you know I'm running small business and I want to have for more time for content creation, so I keep adjusting things as best as possible. Regarding translation videos we briefly discussed it is almost 17th I ready. Thanks Rich


Yeah, it's hard to manage time sometimes. Especially I have a little two years old baby and a busy wife and I'm looking for a new job. I also want to translate some videos from Russian, but I need to find time for that for sure.