Daniel Larimer didn't leave steem ☺

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This is a funny video I created today to lift some moods. lol

I think we need more of such viral videos. At least I hope it will be viral in #crypto community. ☺

I even think that could be true that the guy who created steem didn't leave it.

Find out in the video why.

Enjoy watching !

I'm on steem blockchain more than 2 years and half creating on it and promoting it eveyr single day !

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I hope that those who are downvoting me for nothing will check this post again and see what they are downvoting and who. I do my best to promote steem. I live in steem. I breath steem. I don't use upvote bots. I don't upvote myself. I upvote with @dcooperation only steemians to support. I'm building a community in steem and motivating as much steemians as I can to let them stay here ! People know me. I hit the trending page once in decates and you do this to me ? There are people in the trending page every single day. Why only me ? ? ? ? ?

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It's disappointing to see downvoting of your video, but what can one expect from a a slime ball that ran a voting bot until it became unprofitable. It's very ironic that they now claim to be concerned for the reward pool.



Of course, nothing will stop me from promoting steem and creating on it. I had worse situations in my life and still fighting for myself and my family and steem is my second family.

Here are the efforts I do to promote steem !


@FreezePeach (a delegation of mine) can help balance against downvoters a bit. ✌


Thanks a lot. Any support will help. Thanks god we still have good people in steem. Steem will never die this way.

I always say that we have more good people in steem than the bad ones. I met so many of great people here and I'm finding more every single day exploring steem.

Not sure why every time I logs in am hit by shock on the good guys being kicked hard whiles they doing the good job for the sake of steem.

Sorry for the kicks @clixmoney, please continue doing the good job for the steem sake, the many us will continue cheering you.


Thanks a lot. Glad there are people who are seeing the truth !

Haha...very funny video. But we miss him. Without creators a project couldn't be properly successful. Ned also inactive...every creator should follow CZ of Binance and should learn from him. Anyway we believe a bright future of Steem.

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Maybe they both have a good plan for all of us. Who knows. Maybe we will be better than Binance. Will see.


I hope so

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he left BTS then STEEM.. lets see EOS :)

Damn @Dan, you picked up a really interesting accent since the last time I saw you speak.


haha, I tried to make a similar voice after listening to his video.

The one and only dan the man lol

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lmao. 😂😂 👍

Well that's it folks you heard it from the horses mouth hahaha

Did you at least watched the video to understand the value of it before downvoting me @therealwolf ? It's shared in twitter in crypto community to show people there that steem is powerful even without his creator. This is how you support #steem @threespeak and @theycallmedan ?


I did watch the video. I can understand why some people might fight it entertaining. I don't and I also disagree with the given rewards. That's why I downvoted it and that's how the rewards pool works. Instead of complaining about it, how about being happy that you're being rewarded with 20$? On traditional mediums (youtube & co.), not even high-quality videos are worth that amount of money, let alone low-quality parodies.

Also, your whole vibe reminds me of Jerry Banfield and we truly don't need more characters like him on here.


Everyone has his way to promote steem and I don't want to talk to you here, let's talk in discord, let's create a video and prove me that you are right downvoting me while people are hitting the trending page every single day and when I hit it once in dicates always someone like you apear to downvote me hard.


Nah sorry. I've already explained my reasoning and that's enough. If you're promoting Steem, you should be aware that downvoting is an integral part of Steem.


You see, you are hiding behind your steem power. Let's talk in a video like man to man and stop comparing me to Jerry or someone who is only ruining steem. Aren't you the creator of one of upvote bots that made so many leave steem ? Let's talk in a video. I can show my face, can you ?

Clix. thanks very much for this steem promotion. Social media can sell our steem very well as said!


You're welcome.


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