Steem is mostly for investors !

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In this video I talked about my view of steem now.

That's just my opinion. I don't know if I'm right or not !

I think it's ok to share an opinion here !

Am I right that steem is mostly for investors ?

All the details are in the video !

The video is not working for some reason, so I will write about that here !

I think steem is mostly for investors because we have at least to invest a bit in our steem power or always to hold some without powering down. The only way to go somewhere is to grow that steem power to be appriciated by others. The most steem power you have, the more you earn and that's a fact !

Also, as an investor, you should build something on steem just like I'm building @dcooperation. You should show that you have a spirit of an investor. So, that way you maybe supported by big players. They also invested their own money in steem and they would like to see everyone else investing !

Those are my thoughts. Tell me what do you think in the comments ?

And again, maybe I'm wrong about this. I just like to share my honest opinion in a decentralized platform !


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I will agree with you. I see investors in two perspectives: money (fiat), skills and three. Curators fall into the first category, developers in the second and content creators in the third category.

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Yes i also agree with you clix


Thanks for watching !

Yeh i agree with you bro.