EVERY 2020 Dem Beats Trump in New Poll

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EVERY 2020 Dem Beats Trump in New Poll

6 Democratic candidates for the 2020 Presidential nomination are beating Donald Trump in the latest hypothetical matchup poll, and we discuss the relevance of these polls

Will Trump lose in 2020?

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I don't see any of them beating Trump. This is hopium.
If he gets impeached then its even more likely he will win.
This is seriously already over. Its been over for a year and change.


Yup it's going to be a bloodbath with red streaming across the electoral map like we've never seen in history. Obviously any poll that'd show Amy Klobuchar beating Trump has some serious statistical errors...probably done deliberately to counter this weeks polls showing Trump beating them all in four key battleground states.
Oh My: New Polls Show Trump Leading All Democrats in Four Key States

The Real Clear Politics data is looking good for Trump....unless of course we are talking about California but we already know that's a scratch....lol.


That's why he picked Quinnipiac, it's the only one having Trump trailing...being the only one is why it should be viewed with skepticism.