Steem Below Top 100 on Coinmarketcap, What Would it Mean for Us?

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I'm sure you have noticed how far down STEEM has gone on Coinmarketcap by now. I fear we may aactually drop below top 100 as we currently sit at #89 and Steem trading at a mere $0.11.

What would his mean for Us as a community?

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Honestly, I don't have a problem with this. I put the value of the content creator a lot higher than the value of any crypto-currency. We are talking about 2 distinctive platforms-

  • Crypto Investment
  • Steem Social Media (with the possibilities of earning something on the side)

I came to Steem to have fun, not to make money, and I've achieved that many times over. I've bought Steem, also in-house tokens through steam engine which are just as easy to earn by participating in the Tribes themes. Upvoted (give creators an incentive to continue sharing their fine art/skills), interacted with content creators, met great people

I also have my own Crypto portfolio where I play with the big boys, free from outside influences, its success totally depends on my decisions alone.

Make your own choices, I like being on both!

The block chain may be fine, but Steem is a shitcoin and will likely have that validated when it falls off the top 100 to live in land of the shitcoins.

Unfortunately it's been a fear of mine for a long time, but it's been slowly sliding down the slippery!! If it drops out the top 100,i feel it may never make it back in again.

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It will be fine if we drop out. Steem the blockchain is solid technology.

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