Painting Time-lapse | Face

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This is one of the faces on the painting that I'm currently working on. There are 7 faces in total and I can't wait to finish them.

This is a first layer. Will probably add some more layers later on depends if I feel like adding more. On the video, the struggle with painting the face was visible lol. But I still like it though.

And of course I added a background music so the 2 minutes and 30 seconds won't be boring. This time around I chose 'Puffin B' by Willy G (@scribblingwilly) and Termite (@termitemusic). Both are awesome musicians and are worth your follow!

The WIP photo is this:
image0 (10).jpg

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Loved the painting and the music, great video!


Thank you!

Awesome video it was! At first I thought the picture would be very ugly but afterwards it looked very nice


Me too! I thought it would just be another disaster lol but it can always be fixed


What 🙄? What if it was created by an app?


??? As an artist of course at the early stages of my work, there will be times that I think my work will be a disaster unexpectedly, or I won't like how it looks like, etc.. No, it wasn't created by an app. Can't you see my hand on the video? XD


Yes I see and of course it was so beautiful art

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Feeling the sound.

Wauwww you got some skills there!

Really fun watching the lines and texture take shape into something more in the time-lapse. Thank you for recording and sharing such beauty.