[Eng]Learning to wash my hands correctly. [Esp] Aprendiendo a lavarme las manos correctamente.


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Englis version.

Last week, at my school they gave us information to prevent the coronavirus, one of them was how to wash our hands properly. Then on Thursday the president announced that there were 2 confirmed cases of coronavirus here in Venezuela.

So this weekend my dad @theonlyway and I, we made this video to teach the correct way of how we should wash our hands, and thus be able to contribute something positive in all this situation and also encourage other children to wash their hands several times at day to avoid contagion.

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Versión español.

La semana pasada, en mi colegio nos dieron información para prevenir el coronavirus, una de ellas fue cómo lavarnos las manos correctamente. Luego el jueves el presidente anunció que habían 2 casos confirmados de coronavirus acá en Venezuela.

Entonces este fin de semana mi papá @theonlyway y yo, hicimos este video para enseñar la forma correcta de cómo debemos lavarnos las manos, y así poder aportar algo positivo en toda esta situación y también incentivar a otros niños a lavarse las manos varias veces al día para evitar el contagio.

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Ay! no lo habia visto, que cute, que hermoso te quedo querida amiguita, Dios te bendiga

Excelente mi princesa.

@tipu curate

Some of the ways to stop spreading Corona virus pendemic.... Hope everyone stay safe. Wash your hands wisely , maintain social distancing and avoid contact with unkown as well as known people.... Be safe guys

Very nicely done @kathe-art/ @theonlyway! As apparently is the case there in Venezuela, here in America washing our hands properly is referred to as the "DIY vaccination!" DIY => Do It Yourself ... 😉

After that, we are all in His hands through whatever this pandemic means to the future of families all over the world.

Engaging with you and your family has always been one of the highlights of my experience here on our Steem blockchain. ❤ My beloved life mate and I pray for your family. We will fully know in eternity the answers to our many "Why?" questions. Until then, we walk by faith through whatever this life holds for us, knowing it has been ordained. 🙏

Perhaps we'll see you on the other side of the "big move" this Friday, on the Hive blockchain! 👋

🐝 🍯 🐝

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