Testining my Insta 360 One x 360 Camera


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I recently purchased a 360 camera. It's an "Insta 360 One x" 360 degree camera. I shot this at one of my favorite beach spots. I love the camera since you do not miss a shot since it's recording in 360 degrees. The editing software is great and I made no adjustments to the coloring and only edited the various camera angles. You can get some pretty trippy effects and I look forward to getting out to shoot and edit more footage.

I'm actually holding the camera on a selfie stick but the software is smart enough and it's in a blind spot so it does not show up in the video.

I've been very busy with many projects etc so I wish I had the extra time and energy to post more on STEEM. I shoot photos/videos just about every day but need to get motivated to post them!

I also created a few more virtual tours which I'll post up soon. One is of a bowling Alley and another is of a Wine Tasting Room !

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Woe -- Super cool special effects!
I love the recording of the crunchy sound of you walking on the sandy beach! @steveconnor

Great to see you here and I'll be looking for your Wine Tasting Room virtual tour!


ah thank you ! I was going to put some music but then I liked the crunchy rock sounds too so just kept it natural :) . Gonna work on posting the virtual tour today.