Great example last night on why we need platforms like 3Speak

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I was watching a live stream last night from a couple of lads Gonzo and Geo who the run the Hammerschat channel on YouTube, They had a guest called Bez and were live streaming instant reaction to West Ham's win over Gillingham in the FA Cup.

Anyway, part way through, the live stream cuts out and then the message "the live stream is cut due to copyright claim" pops up, now there was no feed of the game at all and this was being streamed directly after the game.

The fact YouTube can do this without any sort of review is disgusting, here is Geo doing a quick update directly after the live feed was cut.

Geo Hammerschat

Nearly 24 hours later and the video is still unavailable, it seems YouTube listen to the big boys but fail to listen to the small independent groups that put a lot of effort and work into doing these videos. Geo has contacted YouTube but it seems they have little interest in righting a obvious wrong.

The problem is until the strike is removed they can't live stream on either of their channels, which seems to rub salt into the wound. In any event I will be posting a comment on their channel to consider 3Speak as an option.

I am not too familiar with live streaming but if they can live stream on both simultaneously, it would at least provide a backup solution. Hopefully channels like this will give up on YouTube and move over. I know at the moment it is mainly demonetised channels that are moving, for obvious reasons. However if we have more and more instances of this it can only bring more and more people over to decentralised platforms.

These channels are great as they are run by fans for fans and give a warts and all view of the football club. They touch on a lot of controversial subjects and they do ask the questions main stream media seem reluctant to ask.

Recently Arsenal Fan TV got a lot of stick from the main stream media, it seem these types of channels are beginning to grow in popularity and the main stream media are not liking it at all.

I understand their can be copyright issues on YouTube but there is no need to cut the feed in progress ruining it for all those watching. These channels have built up many followers over many years so there is ample opportunity for YouTube to do a proper investigation and take action then instead of this instant termination tactic.

With all that is going on with YouTube it is so important that platforms such as 3Speak exist as an alternative to companies which can act as Judge, Jury and Executioner.

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Lot's of valid points. And guys like them 3speak could be a great solution. It will take them no time to get their user base to make the switch also.



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With all that is going on with YouTube it is so important that platforms such as 3Speak exist as an alternative to companies which can act as Judge, Jury and Executioner.

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