The Age Of Abundance And Greed


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We are rapidly moving into an era of abundance. The question that came to my mind is where does greed fit into this? When I look at music or video, does greed have a place in that?

I talk about this in the video.

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i feel that greediness is part of some individual's habit and they find it very difficult to break,while there are some other individuals who became greedy due to some certain economic conditions and financial decisions,sometimes during the time of plenty many people tend to become greedy and want to reap so much than they anticipated.....this also occurs on the cryptocurrency in other words,abundance tend to bring greed to so many people...

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Brings up the interesting discussion of whether greed is something inherent within certain people, or something that is learned, as a result of scarcity. Personally, I have never been interested in having any more than enough, but "enough" is not enough for a lot of people.

There's no doubt things are going to change a lot over the next 20 years... the addendum to what you bring up here is how we maintain value in an economy of plenty. When there is an excess of something, it tends to lose value... if we have eternal granularity on cryptos; will they still hold enough value that I can exchange them for a sandwich? Or do we run the risk that they become like Zimbabwean dollars?


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In a way, I 'll agree with you. For my understanding, greed sets in when the knowledge of purpose is lost. This is why many engage in an uninformed business decision which looked "yummy" in returns but turned out to be a ripping "ponzi" , Many cases have been around our area. In all, contentment is important. Let's know our reaches and stick there.

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  ·  작년

@taskmaster4450 i believe if there is no abundance then greed would massively reduce because it is the abundance that makes a lot of people to become tempted to become greedy and selfish too...

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