Steemians To Sun: Kiss Our Hive


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@blocktrades put together a post that announced the formation of a new blockchain called Hive. It is put together by community developers (30 or more) and will be a fork of Steem.

In this video I discuss what I know about it and how things are going to unfold.

Here is the Blocktrades announcement:

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  ·  작년

Yeah! I’m singing Kumbayah and locking arms too!!!

Posted via Steemleo

If the new chain needs introductory/explainer videos or graphic design, I will try to contribute as best as I can!!! I just got a new job but it's part time so there's some flexibility.

Hive is a perfect name. Mess with the hive and you get stung lol


And how are we gonna call the users?


lol we should use all the different bee-terms instead of fish-terms like we do now.

  • Workers
  • Drones
  • Queens

Hivers ? Hiveites ... Hiveans Hive hiveians ?

The race is on. Who's going to be the Queen bee?

Exciting times indeed @taskmaster4450! I am cautiously optimistic!

I am in for the complete decentralization and the money will follow.
Hopefully most current Steem Apps migrates to Hive.
Thanks for sharing this our way


I have a feeling many will @joetunex. The developers who put this together, many of them are the ones behind the apps so there will be at least a handful that migrate.

Posted via Steemleo

The branding is interesting to me... I think of how steam is used on bee hives to subdue them temporarily. I wonder if the creators made that connection, but it's a VERY interesting one!


I thought it was smoke and not steam that was used.


Ohhhh dang you're right, shows how little I know about bees...

Okay, so now is antithetical to hive haha... :D

We prove again that we are as decentralized as it gets. What ever the word in the blockchain space about DPOS, people who aren't insiders, don't know why we voted for the witnesses. I always trusted them more, but i had never expected things to play out this way. That stake that was supposed to get funneled back into the Steem(hive) blockchain should still be acquired by the community in a law suit? After all that happened, i'd say we, the hive are better off without tron !

There is a newish blockchain called Uhive
Which is a great concept.
But, Hive is a great name and I'm onboard, obviously.

  ·  작년

I got a question, if the new blokchain is hive, what domain will be used as and are taken.


I am not sure what they are going with. maybe?

Or perhaps we will just used Steempeak, Steemleo, and other tribes that want to be involved as they are redirected to the new chain.

Maybe there is no main site, @sames, like there was with Front ends are up to the individual developers who want to build them.

Posted via Steemleo

  ·  작년

Yeah that does make some sense. And not having a main strong domain can prevent centralization of a central figure.

  ·  작년

Things just keep getting more interesting!

The streaming of 3speak does not work well today, but I read the post and I am very excited.

Awesome summary of the happenings! Is there a fol date yet?


Roadmap with more details due out tomorrow or the day after.

Posted via Steemleo

This. Is. Exciting.

I've got some hopes for the new chain, and I'm excited to see how everything develops from here.

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I like It

This is great news.... I am ready to go.

  ·  작년

Big wakeup call. Didn't appreciate how powerful and important everyone having a voice is until JS threatened to throw it all down the drain.

The witness setup was not perfect by any means. But now all subtleties of coming to an accurate and fair community consensus have been gutted in favor of just meeting the shocking bare minimum of "the top witnesses should not be straw yesmen to a single corporate interest".

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