Steemfest 4 Bangkok, Thailand Official video

2년 전

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The waiting has an end.
We had a great time at the steemfest in Bangkok.
The official Steemfest video is ready.
Hope you guys like it!
Write me in the comments below who you saw in this video.
Huge thanks to @mynewlife
The project is edited and directed by @mynewlife and me.

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  ·  2년 전

It's great to watch the final edition of the official video! You guys did a great job! If you have any plans of promoting this on social media let us know so we can help spread it :)


Thanks for the reminder! Liked and retweeted! :)

Awesome video for an awesome event! =)


Thank you 🙏

This is awesome! Thanks for putting this together.


You're welcome. thank you

Amazing video! Thank you! (and now it's time for me to put my crappy one together) ;)

Hello Esko....Amazing piece of work!! Superb!
Even though I am new on Steemit but Nice to be a part of the Steemit having come across inspiring people from diverse culture with skills and talents.

Very cool feeling major Post FOMO right now


Next time 🙌🏼

I will make it one year xx


and I look forward to hanging out with you xxx

Thanks for the post.


0:41 that is :D Miss that kid and of course miss you and all tooooo



Wow! It looks so beautiful. You guys are awesome.


tank you 🙏🏼

Outstanding.....💝💞 this is really great job thanks for update @thehipsterguru

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thank you. Really appreciated.

This is lovely you guysss,,, Esko and @thenewlife :))


miss you 😍

I was able to observe a lot of diversity, people offering the best of themselves and enjoying life, what the world has to offer. Good video

I need to make a complain about this video .....

its too short

Thanks 😊

love the editing !

Awesome. Wish I could have gone.

This steem fest is this held by itself or is steemfest held by the community


It's a community event, but is one of the sponsors, and a bunch of them presented at the conference.


Oh I see.. It's a shame we don't have steemfests or stuff similar to that here in South Africa. I'm afraid the amount of steem users in SA are very little

What event in the steem fest.. why never have event in jakarta?

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Boom boom... sweet vid! Liked the boat transition passing under bridge!

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i also join in this fest.

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I don't even remember doing that :D

Love the video!!

@kaerpediem you are in the video! So cool!

Thank you for the final edition. It was a little short for me but it serves a great ad for Steemfest 4 👍🏼

We had so many things packed in so short time. What a way to reminiscing it all over again.

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thank you 🙏