Jeffery Epstein was an “international spy” says Epstein’s long term business partner

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According to Steven Hoffenberg, Jeffery Epstein’s long term business partner, Jeffery Epstein was a spy. I go into this as well as a few other things in this video. #JefferyEpstein #Epstein

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Yep, a US congressman said that's why they had to let him off so easy the first time... But if we say who he was spying for we would be labled anti-semetic....

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Too many links between Epstein and Robert Maxwell (who was a spy) via his daughter Ghislaine Maxwell.
I haven't heard anyone making this connection yet and for interest, Robert Maxwell bizarrely fell to his death from his yacht just before it was discovered he'd stolen the pension fund from his own Newspaper company , thus leaving a lot of old people without their pensions .

Would love to see @v4vapid do one of their awesome deepdives to see what they can discover :-)

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The sound of crickets is deafening when it comes to the plight of Julian Assange. Thank you for continuing to cover this story despite the grim prospects for any justice or freedom for JA.



yeah the crickets are crazy quiet - its very shocking really. How they used power to turn Wikileaks, from something that was always in the headlines and covered in the media, to something that people never even talk about. Thanks for your work!