Meeting The World's Most Notorious Imam

2년 전

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Repost from 2018

YouTube is hiding these videos so they're being re-uploaded to 3speak

Imam Tawhidi is one of the world's most notorious religious scholars. He lives under constant threat of attack for his outspoken views on Islamic history.

I wanted to know more about the Imam who wants to abandon the Hadiths, claims Aisha was a twenty-one year old with a past and says that Sadiq Khan isn't fit to run a McDonald's.

So I sat down with the 'Imam of Peace' to understand what motivates him, and just where he gets these radical ideas about his own religion from.

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tommy FTW

Wow,thanks for this Tommy.

Is this a recording from 2018? I remember having seen this footage already.


Yes, Tommy's team has been re-uploading some of the old videos to 3speak because YouTube has set them to limited state where they can't be found, shared, commented on or embedded. We will try to add a note when we do this going forward.


thx for the info!

Very good your actifity meeting


Very poor your effort to understand this content. Now go take a bath.

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This is sensationalist, cheap & unbecoming of Steemit.

Your bias & Islamophobia are evident from the beginning & this Imam is merely brought in to confirm them.

I suggest that you approach more learned, balanced Muslim scholars, like Hamza Yusuf — if you’re really interested in learning more about the faith, instead of mocking it.

Scrolling through your other posts is sickening and I see that you’re too far gone to reason with and are primarily motivated by fear & loathing.


Can you please copy and paste directly here specific instances of hatred directed at Muslims as a whole?

Islam, as an ideology and especially one that continues to exert increasing political influence on the lives of non-Muslims in the west, is obviously absolutely open for scrutiny and criticsm.


It pervades all he says and does, on Steemit and off, Brian:

But, as a 'resettler' I'm not sure that you can see this, since he also identifies as a Zionist (to spite Arabs and Muslims). By the way, my 100 year old grandmother, a Palestinian, was kicked out of her home and country so that settlers could leave their comfortable homes, elsewhere, and take hers.

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