Arsenal? Not Thrilled.


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A lot has been said regarding Arsenal, especially with the way they have been on fire in this transfer window. For the neutrals, you can be scared and for the fans, they can dream again because of what Mikel Arteta did with Arsenal last season I must confess that I was jealous and impressed at the same time. It's such a shame that they missed out just when it mattered the most but they can't complain because they dropped the standard and they have themselves to blame for that.

Arsenal also struggled ever since Wenger left. A lot of people said they have stopped performing a few years before Arsene Wenger left but they have consistently been qualifying for the Champions League with Wenger being on a tight budget at that time. I remembered how Arshavin and one other player had to pay the other part of the transfer fee just because they wanted to join Wenger. With a tight budget, Arsenal still had that identity and qualified for the Champions League.

Things haven't been the same since then and they have always been known to give hope to their fans only to dash it yet again. They play attractive football which I like and they have young players with a touch of older ones to calm things down with experience. That's an ideal set up but I don't want to be fooled once again by this Arsenal team.

Arsenal already signed Marquinhos and Fabio Vieira while they added a backup goalkeeper by the name of Matt Turner. There is also this talk about Gabriel Jesus after he was deemed surplus to requirement since Haaland came on board. Even with the signing of Gabriel Jesus, I am being honest, they still won't challenge for the title. I don't know if it has to do with a mental block or something but one thing would just go wrong and they would find themselves in doubts again.

They have done so well in this transfer market and I feel they should add one more recognized forward and they would be good to go for the season. It would be a top 4 at best and I don't see them challenging for the title. I am not trying to make light of their efforts because I admire Arsenal more than I admire Manchester United right now because I can see that they are making a serious effort to not just make the fans happy but to improve on their efforts so far unlike Manchester United who keeps going backwards. I admire Arsenal and they are making the signings they feel they need based on the demands of the coach but I still don't see them winning the title. It's still a long way off and the time they should have won it when everyone slipped would have been when Leicester City won it.

Right now, I don't see them winning the title with their new signings included. They are best at winning either the Carabao Cup or the FA Cup and then qualifying for the Champions League and that's that. That would still be an improvement anyway and something to make the fans happy. I am saying this because I saw how they improved a lot last season but knowing Arsenal to be Arsenal, they are best at giving hopes to their fans only to dash it. I am not thrilled with their signings because I still feel they would still drop the game midway through the season.

It's always exciting to have new players because it keeps the motivation high and that's why I feel they can at least win a cup next season and that's that.


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I can't see Arsenal getting anywhere near Man City or Liverpool and if you look at their record against "the big 6", you'll see why - they had by far the worst record out of all of them.

I think this is down to how young their squad is and the lack of experience - especially in the bigger games. You could even argue that Arteta lacks experience as a manager in these big games too.

They've done ok in the transfer market - better than Chelsea but probably worse than Man City, Liverpool and Spurs and they need to catch at least one of these teams to get into the Champions League.

I think they'll find it tough going again and shouldn't be expecting anything more than a Europa League spot again.


This is the honest truth and I agree with you.