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Now that football has gone for a break I seem to be loving basketball more. The only thing I am yet to do is stay up late to watch one of those championship finals or something.

Sometimes I feel so lost when I go on social media and see people talking about the game but I have nothing to say😹. The only people I know or I think I know in the game are Luka Doncic because he has played for the Real Madrid basketball team, Kobe after his death and the recent NBA winner Stephen Curry. I didn't add Lebron James because everyone knows Lebron James 😹.

The recent one was the NBA finals. I saw people talking about it and stuff but I didn't seem to care because I hardly follow the game. After the match I saw that the peoples favourite won and I went on twitter to see a few tweets and stuff.

And then my cousin who loves basketball a lot; even more than football I think 🤔 came around and started talking about quarters and other 😹 which I had no idea about but I didn't want him to know so i did a little research to understand the game more so that I can talk about it like how I talk about football.

The Game

Basketball can simply be explained as a game involving 2 sets of teams who compete for a ball to score points more than each other. The team that scores more points is the winner. Where the game is played is called the court.

On the court each team has a net fixed unto something similar to a basket. The basket is off the ground and each team aims to place the ball in the opposing team's basket.

A basket


Each team consists of 15 players each and at a time only 5 players from a team are allowed to start the game.

Like football, each player has a role he or she plays. we have 2 forwards, 2 guards and a centre.

A Referee holds the ball in the middle of the court with 2 players standing side by side. The ref throws the ball into the air and the 2 players try to win it for their team.

Once a player wins the ball for his team the team in possession of the ball is allowed some time to try to score a basket, once that time lapses the ball is taken off the team in possession of the ball and handed over to the other team. The other team is also given that same time to try to score or the ball is then taken from them too.

The bouncing of the basketball on the court is what is mostly referred to as dribbling. A player can move with the ball by dribbling or by passing the ball to his teammate.

There is a total of 4 quarters that the team play. Quarters are referred to as the allocated time like half time in football. It's just that in the basket ball they have 3 halftimes. The average time of each quarter is 10 minutes depending on the type of championship. So generally a game of basketball can take up to an hour including the half times.

In case there is a tie at the end of the 4/quaters there is overtime ( in football called extra time) for the teams to see the game out.

The points in a basketball are awarded in 3 ways.

  • 1 point
  • 2 points
  • 3 points

3 points are scored if a player scores a basket outside the arc of the opposition.

2 points are awarded if the player scored within the arc.

scoring in or within the arc


A point is scored from a free throw. A free throw is when the other team is awarded 3 tries at the basket for a foul committed by the other team.

A free throw


Whilst a player is holding the ball the opposing team cannot take the ball off of him or he will be penalised. You are allowed to steal the ball when he tries to dribble or he takes a shot. At that moment you can knock the ball off of him or steal it from him.

That's all for the part one of the game of basketball. I will make sure to write a follow-up about a more technical part of the game when I also get there😹. For now, I just wanna watch basketball and enjoy it.

Thanks for reading.

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The first 2 quarters are rather pointless. A lot of Americans don’t arrive at the stadium until the 3rd or 4th quarter. I went to an NBA game in Portland some years ago - it was great (especially as the home team lost in the last second of the match 😆).

Ice Hockey’s better though 😊


The first 2 quarters are rather pointless. A lot of Americans don’t arrive at the stadium until the 3rd or 4th quarter

😂They only come there for the fun part and not the boring first 2 quarters 😂

went to an NBA game in Portland some years ago - it was great (especially as the home team lost in the last second of the match 😆).

I don’t know why but I like it when homes teams lose , the disappointment on the faces of the homes fans is something I always find amusing .😂

Ice Hockey’s better though

Luckily I know a bit of that sport. But I might have to enhance the knowledge there too.


Ha ha - it was more about how they lost which amused me. From this site, it says:

0.3 Hedo Turkoglu makes 25-foot three pointer 109 108

0.3 seconds left on the shot clock.

This is it... 2 minutes to go. 108-100. They lost 108-109 with a last second 3 pointer.


It's the way the crowd started to cheer thinking he'd missed and then the groan when it went in.

I couldn't have asked for a more dramatic finish.


Had to watch the video 😂.

To be sincere most of the terms mentioned by the commentators were new to me. I noticed that they used shock time violator or something like that 🤔.

I like comebacks a lot and I love that they came back from behind and won. The whole court went quite when he netted the 3 Pointer for the win😂


The whole court went quite when he netted the 3 Pointer for the win😂

😅 That's what amused me. You can hear them all cheering, thinking that they're so far ahead with such a small amount of time left that they couldn't possibly lose. So when they did, the silence was just pure disbelief. "What just happened?" I think I was lucky to see such a dramatic end 🙂