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Hello, everyone. I am @rasel72.
From #Bangladesh.


How is everyone? I hope everyone is well. Now I will share my description of the whole day with you. Today I woke up at 8 o'clock in the morning. After waking up I took my phone in my hand and entered Stimite ID and checked all the notifications. I came from the washroom and brushed my teeth. After brushing, I washed my hands and came to the room. Then my students came to read at 8 o'clock. Today is a holiday so I didn't read in the morning so I taught them in the morning. After reading I ate breakfast. So I got ready to go to the market. I have to come with my father's food. Then I got ready and went to the market with my bicycle and my father's food. I went to the market with my father's food and went to the market with my father. To buy some vegetables.



Go to the market

Then my father did some shopping from the market and I came home with them. When I came home I left the markets and changed my clothes. Then I walked outside in the air. Today is Friday so I took a quick bath today. And I went to the mosque to perform Jumma prayers. After finishing the prayers, I came home at around 2 o'clock. Some time after coming home, I saw my cousin coming. I talked to her for some time. Then I ate lunch. After eating, I watched the news on TV for some time. Then I went to the field. To see our farm.


Going to the field

Then I went to the field and met a friend of mine and talked to him for a long time. Then I went home after some time of the meeting. When I came home I got dressed and took my bicycle and went for a walk with a friend. I decided to go for a walk. When I go for a walk in the afternoon, my mind gets better.



Going for a walk in the afternoon

Then I turned around and came home some time before Maghrib. When I came home, I saw from the road that in a few minutes the sky became very cloudy and became like black ink. Then I came home very quickly.


Dense black clouds

Shortly after coming home, it started raining heavily. Then I came from my aunt's house and saw some of my friends walking along the road. Seeing the rain, they came down to our house. Then I let them cut ripe mangoes in our house to eat in the rain. They were at our house for some time. Then after the rain stopped they left again.

I had a good day today. I had a lot of fun with my friends in the afternoon. Everyone will be fine.

Many thanks to everyone for reading my post.

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