THE DAIRY GAME(12-05-2021)

5개월 전


My Dear Friends!!
I am @shariful8866from #bangladesh🇧🇩

I woke up at around 3:15 this morning. Freshened up, I ate sehri, performed Fajr prayers and fell asleep again. I woke up at around 8:15 in the morning. A customer will call the shop again and again. I came to my shop after a little tahura. I saw the customer sitting in front of the shop. I called him and heard that he was coming to withdraw Bikash's money but the secret number of Bikash was written in the house. I told him to get the secret number from the house.



My work is going on as usual. Today's sky is cloudy, it will rain. After finishing all the work till noon of Dokain, I went home. It started raining shortly after leaving the house. After many days I fell asleep in the afternoon because of the rain. At 3 o'clock in the afternoon a call came from my phone. He is an employee of Khoksa Palli Electricity Office, an urgent matter is coming up, Aseen, Rezaul Sir is here today.



In the rain, I came to VJ Bazaar, finished their work, took my rain coat and went home. After taking a bath and praying, I came to the market again. Due to the rain, there were very few customers in the market. Jafar, Azad, Rashid, Shipon and I all had Iftar in the bazaar today. Iftar has become very good. I performed Esha and Tarabi prayers in Bazar Mosque. Again, the condition of Aslam's business in Dokain is very bad. The wheel of life does not stop, it continues, it will continue by the grace of Allah.

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