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My Dear steemians,

Welcome to a different kind of contest.


A few words about Contest

You need to make a comment to participate in the competition. Select and comment on a possible 72 hour price of Steem. After organizing the contest, you will have 72 hours to participate in the competition. The result of the contest will be announced within 24 hours end of the contest.

Some rules for contest

  • A user can only make 1 comment.
  • Comments cannot be edited.
  • The value of STEEM must be expressed in USD currency.
  • Of course you have to invite three friends.(In the comment option)
  • Must resteem this post.

Use this web site to see the price of steem. web site link

I will follow this website and declare the winner. Now steem price is $0.52

If a user cannot comment on the correct price, then the closest prediction of the correct price will be the winner. If 2 or more users can make correct predictions, the user who comments first will be the winner.

Commenting time will end at : 13 May UTC 6.25 pm

I will announce the winner after seeing the market price on 14 June at 13.:30 am [UTC Time].


1st Place3.00 STEEM
2nd Place2.00STEEM
3rd Place1.50 STEEM
4rth place1.00 STEEM


Cc.@steemcurator01 , @steemitblog


Thanks everyone for reading this post.

See you soon.


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1st winner


Very thanks 😊

Steem price:

0,4360 $

Invitation :



3rd winner


Thank you :)

My prediction:
Steem Price:$0.5149 USD


Couple Art Photography Contest Week #6(17).png

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2nd Winner


Thank you.

Steem price : $ 0.396547 USD

I invite my friends @goodybest @ijelady and @justiceanietie to come and join.

Steem Price: $0.4105

Steem Price:$0.5346 USD

Invitation :

Nice contest and I wish to participate,

On extra note, I found this useful post to find all the contests, Anyone can see everything in one list now.

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My prediction:
Steem Price:$0.5349 USD



Nice contest. Very thanks 😊


Thank you.


Thank you:)