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Hi @cyberrn,
my name is @ilnegro and I voted your post using

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Come and visit Italy Community

Good for u , that always have that much up votes
U have worked hard for it i know
As saying no pain no gain
I wish i could be like u one day

Search your dreams in the sky! Love will not give it to you…


멋진 하늘~

You have really put so much work on this trend

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가을 하늘은 참 예쁜거 같아요!

퇴근길에 바라 본 하늘 모습과 비슷하네요.
구름이 흩어지면서 푸른 하늘이 나타나는 게 참 이뻤네요.

Wow! , It's so fine but your face is more beautiful, I love pictures of the sky too. Nice shot

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