Celsius Network CFO among Those Arrested with Moshe Hogeg

2개월 전

Celsius Network CFO Yaron Shalem is reportedly among those arrested with Moshe Hogeg for fraud in Israel. Although no party has officially confirmed Yaron Shalem’s arrest, the rumors are increasing the scrutiny towards Celsius.

Celsius Network Announces Suspension of “Employee”
After the rumors surfaced, Celsius Network took to Twitter, to announce that it had suspended an employee. The tweet said that the lending firm is aware of a police investigation involving one of their employees in Israel.

Crypto lending firm Celsius continued to disclaim that the investigation is in no way related to the employee’s time at the company. However, the firm had suspended the said employee and verified that no assets were misplaced or mishandled.

Although the tweet does not directly mention Celsius Network CFO Yaron Shalem, the “employee” and “Israel” parts fuel these rumors.

Two days before crypto lending firm Celsius announced the suspended employee on Twitter, another employee of the crypto lending firm had also remarked about the rumors. While answering questions through the “ask-me-anything” feature, the staff said that they can neither confirm nor deny Yaron Shalem’s arrest.

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