Ripple to Leave US if XRP Case Fails Against SEC

2개월 전

For the past months, the crypto firm Ripple has been battling with the Securities and Exchange Commission in court on the allegation that Ripple conducted illegal securities offering through XRP sales.

However, Brad Garlinghouse while addressing the collision conference last week disclosed Ripple’s intention regarding the outcome of its case with the SEC, he, however, notified the Axios that if the crypto firm (Ripple) lost the XRP case against the SEC, the firm would relocate to outside the United States. He further affirmed that “it’s not that we could, we will.”

In a report, quite a lot of businesses have been relocating to Miami due to its friendly policy, Ripple also opened its Canadian office not long ago.

Furthermore, Ripple vs SEC lawsuit results will of course affect the entire crypto industry, as Ripple’s defeat may result in many companies exiting the country.

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