The new coin, could be a new opportunity for everyone and only lost 5 seconds a day

2개월 전

This should be the time when I made the video. I already understand the method to remove background noise from the video audio, so I want to get started right away. But maybe I'll do it another day.

When I learned about the hive-101145, I found it quite interesting and I was trying to see if I got it. Looks like it's not okay with me.

In the section below, I want to mention Pi Network and continue to try writing at :)

4 days ago, I participated and introduced Pi on steemit. So, if you need more information about the Pi and Pi Network please check my post, it is quite detailed for you to have an overview and fastest.

This post is about small results on the Pi Network app I have installed.

Here are the results after more than 6 days since I installed the PiNetwork app.
If you are interested in Pi, just download app to smarthphone and use the Invitation code is haccolong, you are started right away with Pi.
The interesting, thing now is that every day you only take 5 seconds to take attendance, then turn off the app, the system still adds Pi for you.
As you can see, the total Pi I have earned, is now over 39Pi.
And the mining speed (actually allocated from the server, obviously the app has no mining function) is 0.34Pi / hour.
You can really have resulted more than I do if you want to.

  • As you can see, the basic extraction speed, as soon as you log into the app is 0.1Pi / hour.
  • And after 3 roll calls, you can double it with the security circle. Add anyone to the circle and you'll lift up very quickly, not necessarily who you introduce.
  • And the speed comes to infinite when you invest in people you can influence.
    Mining speed will decrease gradually with the number of community members. So I hope you don't miss it.

Wish success

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