Bitcoin works much better than Gold as a store of value


Even when you factor in the volatility, bitcoin works better than gold as a store of value

A store of value is supposed to store your value, correct? Which means it should be stable over time, right?

Yes and no.

You want something that beats inflation and preserves purchasing power, at the very least.

Gold as long been seen as one of the main use cases for that goal, however, it's time has come and gone.

Why not go with something that has not only persevered your purchasing power but also increased it over time?



Bitcoin ate gold's lunch long ago and it will likely never look back. Bitcoin beats gold on just about every level except for it's long history.

With inflation likely on the way, actually it's already here, bitcoin is going to look even more attractive than it has been.

We've never seen bitcoin in an inflationary environment, well we are now headed for one:

Inflation is coming:

Steel +145%
Lumber +126%
Oil +80%
Soybeans +71%
Corn _69%
Copper +50%
Silver +38%
Cotton +35%
Coffee +34%
Wheat +25%
FAO Food Index +25%
Cattle +21%
Bitcoin +470%
Stock Market +23%
Home Values + 8%
Hourly Wages +5%
Money Supply Up +24%

Reported Inflation +1%

Just wait until that reported number starts inching up...

What do you think that's going to do to the price of bitcoin?

I have a guess...

Stay informed my friends.


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please do you like my latest content. I came back after a long time. this will be a source of motivation for me.

I am hoping that when information will rise in USA and the rest of the world, people and institutions will try to store their wealth in BTC.

Bullshit- nothing beats physical silver with physical gold in close second- no electricity = NO BTC- its fragile- silver coins ARE NOT


If there's no electricity there are much bigger problems than no bitcoin. If there is no power globally, people won't be accepting shiny metal for their precious goods. It will be a barter economy.


Not true- silver and gold coins have been exchanged and accepted as currency for as long as there’s been currency- the powers that be can steal our crypto at their keyboard- the only way they get your silver is to physically find it-

That is nice update of BTC❣❣

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Gold is old, bitcoin for the win.

These numbers are only going to keep getting worse for gold.

Bitcoin was never coming for the dollar, it was coming for gold.

Good one thanks for sharing