Whales are loading the boat between $55k and $60k on BTC

29일 전

Whales are getting in during this consolidation period

Curious why the price hasn't broken out yet? The whales won't let it...

The price moves when whales want it to, it's pretty much that simple.

When they have large buy orders they want filled they will suppress the price to try and get those orders filled.

That's exactly what looks like is happening right now.

Check it out:


(Source: https://twitter.com/BTC_Archive/status/1379399635278688256/photo/1)

Not a lot of interest buying above $60k but a ton of interest buying just below that level.

They are providing a ton of support and not letting the market run away from them.

When they have their bags filled, they will start trying to push it up, and that's when the fun begins.

Stay informed my friends.


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