A Rastafari I-ditation 🔍 The Mystery Of "Meru" ⛰️



I haven't posted much about spirituality or my personal take on Rastafari within the Hive much. I realize I may likely be the only so-called "Rastafarian" on the Hive, but I remain undeterred.

📚 Etymology 🔍

study, study, study

     "Word, sound, power" is a chant or mantra well-known within the Rastafari community. This couldn't be a more accurate statement as we humans are well-acquainted with the power of sound and word.

     Within my personal spiritual journey, all explored paths have always sent me back to Ethiopia, and etymology is one of the things upon which I reason and I-ditate most often.

     Etymology is a great tool for studying and understanding history, just as important as culture, religion and diet. "Meru" is a word I would like to reason upon today.

👳🏿 MERU ⛰️

     "Meru" is a perfect example of Abyssinian or Kushite/Puntite influence upon the development of eastern religions. It's been scientifically proven now that Ethiopia is the birthplace of humanity, so one would have to reason spirituality was also created here.

     Ethiopia has long been connected with India, and there are countless examples of this, from the Dravidian people of India to the strikingly similar cuisine of these two distant countries.

👳🏿 Meru In Abyssinia ⛰️

     Historically, greater I-thiopia has been known as Abyssinia, Kush, Punt and more. Historically, it is documented that I-thiopian Kings ruled over lands stretching all the way to India at one time, and a massive amount of pharaohs were actually I-thiopian and not Egyptians.

     Aethiopia history is even supported by Greco-Roman philosophers, travelers, historians Pliny the Elder, Strabo and Herodotus, all whom painstakingly documented this part of the world.

Aethiopia as depicted by Greco-Romans

     Knowing that I-thiopia was once historically larger than it is now, it must be taken into account when studying the past. In Kenya, the Meru Tribe still exists, and is also known as the "Ngaa Tribe", with Naga being another example of I-thiopian influence.

Meru people of Kenya

     Additionaly, the Puntites (I-thiopians) were the greatest sailors of the ancient world, and therefore spread their culture and lore far and wide.

     Beyond "Meru" being a people from the Horn of Africa, in the shadow of Mt. Kilimanjaro stands the lesser known Mt. Meru, one of Africa's tallest peaks.

Mt. Meru in modern Tanzania

     Meru is also a common family name, as well as many towns, regions and districts in East Africa carrying this moniker.

     I'll stop short of going into detail about Kemetic Yoga, which the I-thiopians generously gifted the ancient Egyptians, along with many Pharaohs. That topic can be saved for another post in due time.

🛕 Meru In India ⛰️

     An easy starting place is the much more well-known "Mt. Meru" in India, a famous mountaineering peak. A quick internet search, and most sources say this peaks's name likely originates from the Sanskrit word for peak, with zero mention of all the obvious East African sources of this word.

mountaineer's Meru

     There is also the "Mt. Meru" of Jain, Buddhist and Hindu cosmology, and it is considered to be the nucleus of all physical, spiritual and metaphysical universes.

metaphysical Mt. Meru

     Isn't it also strange that another name for this sacred peak is "Sumeru," which bears a striking resemblance to "Sumer," another part of the world influenced by ancient I-thiopian hands and DNA.

     I traveled in India and Sikkim many years ago, and went to various pagodas, temples and ashrams in an effort to greater understand Eastern religions. In all that time I only encountered one person who acknowledged East African influence on South Asian spirituality.

     Not only has history been whitewashed, but also brownwashed. The Dravidians didn't create the caste system, but the Aryans are to thank for that.

     Had the Ngaa Dravidian Ethopians not gone to India, India wouldn't have the Devanagari Script, also known as "Nagari." A quick visual comparison of written I-thiopic Geez and Nagari reveal numerous striking similarities noted by many linguists and historians.

Dravidian woman from southern India

✡️ Meru In Israel ✍️

     The Hebrew alphabet is called "Merubah," and how could that be a coincidence? The inventors of Hebrew culture are the Beta Israel of I-thiopia, also known by the derogatory term Falasha, which roughly translates to "foreigner, landless, or wanderer."

Hebrew alphabet

     A quick study of world history reveals that I-thiopia built Jerusalem, and that most of the characters in the Torah and/or Bible were I-thiopians.

     This is just another example of I-thiopia not being granted its rightful place in world history.

     The Beta Israel living outside I-thiopia, especially those within the modern state of Israel, have never been acknowledged by Israeli Judaism as the original Jews.

Beta Israel of I-thiopia

     There is a pattern I see when I study this little nook of history, and it's hard to refute.

🛣️ All Roads Lead To I-thiopia 🌍

     Ithiopia and the greater African continent simply don't garner the international respect deserved for contributing to the world yoga, meditation and many other practices now embraced by various international religions and spiritual movements.

     This is my personal I-ditation, something I reflect upon and reason about internally. A good history-ripping book, some I-scence and a deep solo and silent reasoning with I-self is my meditation.

     I hope my I-ditations are considered meditations within the NaturalMedicine.io community, because to me these are meditations, even if not by Buddhist standards.

     I also hope @InnerBlocks and ReggaeJAHM can be a home for this content. I would love to hear feedback from various communities.

     With this venture into Rastafari-related content on the Hive, I hope to dispel common myths, hearsay and misnomers about the world's most misunderstood spiritual and social movement: Rastafari.

     Please don't misunderstand this post as an attack or assault on Buddhism or any other religion. I am merely stating my point of view. We all create our own realities, and I merely choose to accept and I-thiopian version of history and not refute it.

     I am only trying to share an example of how I I-ditate in verbal form. Usually a study session ends with an I-tal meal, then a spliff, and then finally a silent and extended I-ditation reflecting upon the material studied.

🛣️ Food For Thought 🌍

     I've placed some conscious music within for your edu-tainment, by none other than the Wordsmith himself Vaughn Benjamin, the most intellectual musician to ever grace a stage.

     We could use a reasoning from the Wordsmith now more than ever with the current world situation. In these two songs you'll find some references to some of things I've mentioned in this post.


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