Crypto Collateral Loans: Is CeFi or DeFi Better?

4개월 전

The other day, I put together a LeoPedia guide for using BlockFi’s Bitcoin collateral loan product. In this clip from the full episode, I explored the pros and cons of DeFi vs. CeFi.

There is a lot to unpack in this argument, but I talked from a more targeted point of view with BlockFi and my experiences with DeFi protocols.

As I mention in the clip, the core reason for my use of loan protocols is to gain some liquidity but also to learn about the technology. I think most of us can agree that we are in the crypto space out of a mixture of curiosity and profit.

For me, gaining experience with the technologies and solutions as they are developed in the crypto industry is just as important as turning a profit. After all, if we are here purely for speculation, we should just buy BTC and forget about it for 5 years to maximize our profit.

Creating real-world use cases and playing around with the various solutions that are built is both exciting and (sometimes) profitable.

The takeaway from this clip is to remember that whether you use CeFi products or DeFi protocols, you should understand the risks with each and the tradeoffs that you make when you choose one or the other.

Watch the Full Episode where I review BlockFi’s loan product or view the LeoPedia Archives

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