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Walt Disney Animation Studios continues to deliver with Moana a beautiful and touching new film the title character 16 year old Moana

defies her father's orders and leaves her Island home in order to save her people from a plight that has left them with almost no sources of remaining food
that quest includes finding the shape-shifting demigod Maui
and teaming up with him all to confront the lava monster that is cursed moana island as part of an epic adventure across the sea that has long called out to her Moana is opening scenes feel a bit overly familiar a teenage girl who longs to see and do more than her daily life allows with a loving but overly protective father is obviously not a new concept for Disney's however once moana journey begins the similarities aren't overwhelming permission has high enough stakes that are wished to see more than she ever has while important for her isn't the only thing on her mind by a long shot while Disney Animation Studios has been on quite a roll this decade with films like tangled frozen big hero 6 and Zootopia and whatever alchemy is at work these days continues to thrive with Moana which feels effortlessly funny and engaging powered by very likable characters and great music the songs from a trio of musicians that includes Hamilton mastermind lin-manuel Miranda are wonderful appropriately the main influence here is the music of the Pacific Islands but the songs also venture into other terrain as well Dwayne Johnson proves again what a commendable wit he has has the
incredibly narcissistic goofy Maui while young newcomer aleni Carvalho is a true find as moana perfectly conveying this determined courageous hero 3ovlpl.jpg

who I imagine many kids will come out of the theater looking up to it's also refreshing to realize that there's a fun bit of role reversal here as far as making this plucky teen character the driving force and Maui who is essentially a superhero the sidekick in a film that also discards any love story and simply follows Moana doing what she must for her people
4b0kq6.jpgRon Clements and John Musker the directors behind the Little Mermaid Aladdin and the princess in the frog expertly propelled this story forward this is the first fully computer animated film from the duo but they feel completely at home here with plenty of standout sequences backed by gorgeous animation Moana perhaps isn't breaking new ground or making as much of a notable statement as Disney's last animated film Zootopia but it's still an easy recommendation the film offers the strong humor cool action memorable music and lovable character Disney is perfected all in a rather amazing manner oh and yes there are a couple of few animals too including an epically stupid rooster deliver some moana biggest last



Movie caractères

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