Are you a Helper or always seeking Help?

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I often pray daily to have some i can touch their lives with something little, so I do carry excess cash around if I go out. Not that I'm rich or I'm some whale, but whenever I look back at those days when I seek help around and nobody seem to notice, I try to right those wrongs by helping someone stranded or who needs a meal.

There is this constant fear in my city, you could give someone who seem stranded cash or something and lose your jons(private organs). Its a crazy world we live in but then we just have to help those in need who can't pay us back. I like to be sensitive to people around to spot someone who is in real distress, not a faker, and most times I found nobody because there are equally lazy people who doesn't just want to hustle.

Its the way our lives has been wired, but I always pray to be that little change needed. I pray if my little token could actually feed a family who hasn't had a meal all day, I pray to rescue someone lost and stranded. I pray the universe prays with and for me too!

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The world needs more people like you to lead countries into the kind future that would see the bigger picture. Thank you for your kindness


I appreciate your kind words