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Bullies exist in all organisms, but we are very familiar with human bullies. I was a victim of bullying and then I became a bully like those Bigger birds seen in the image. Though, mine wasn’t an obvious one, I strategically search out bullies and bully them while in elementary school and my junior high, at least the ones I could handle. So this image was very fascinating as it touched me and I want to draw out some lessons out of it.

In the image, Ducks or perhaps Seagulls are the culprits. There have been arguments on which birds the bigger ones were between I and my big brother, but I will generalize these two birds. Ducks are not so gentle like you think, but Seagulls are much more crazier. You might have seen documentaries showing how Orcas are bullying other whales, when their bellies are filled with food, then they bully other animals in the deep. Same thing is happening in the Photo above, as you can see, its a flock of Ducks or seagulls bullying a Pigeon that appears to be injured or might have wandered too far away from its own group and trapped under that massive webbed foot.

As a matter of fact, they might kill it if there’s no escape. What about human bullies? In politics , in colleges, those evil professors and lecturers? In your work place, on your street? That rich dude always bullying and making people feel Miserable. This is what these seagulls are doing here, it could look like Photoshop to you but if you are a fan of National Geographic, you would see More of the atrocities committed by these badass nasty birds even to humans, sailors and beach goers!

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