Xiaomi is a huge success in a short period


When you hear about the brand Realme from Oppo, you immediately notice the similarity of the name to the competing brand Redmi from Xiaomi, and this is something intentional perhaps, as Xiaomi was dominating the Indian market and a new competitor appeared that toppled it. What is the secret recipe used by Obo in this sweeping growth?

In the year 2018, Xiaomi removed Samsung from the top of the list of the best brands in the Indian market, which is the second largest mobile phone market by quantity in the world. After two years of the remarkable and remarkable growth of Xiaomi in that market, the numbers indicate that Xiaomi has shipped almost a quarter of the phones to that market, and it seemed that Xiaomi's superiority is not in the dust, and there is no way to stop it through an aggressive and insane pricing strategy compared to any manufacturer , And creating a base of fans of that brand by obtaining the best quality for the price, thus excluding any Indian phone manufacturer such as "Carbon" from the market and making their phones seem unimportant. Not only that, but even global phone manufacturers such as Samsung, Vivo, and Oppo felt a lot of pressure for their audiences and the way they priced phones against the specifications.

Of course, the way the recent companies' pricing for their phones does not depend only on the "BOM", meaning the cost of the materials used in the manufacture of the phone, but there are a lot of marketing expenses, the establishment of branches, stores, advertisements, etc. Xiaomi cancels almost all of that, by relying on online selling, and saving all those costs, by simply issuing teaser offers and short videos to display the device's advantages, which creates a feeling of enthusiasm among followers of that brand and waiting for the dates of release / announcement with impatience. A smart idea, of course.

Because of this pressure from Xiaomi on Oppo, the latter lost a large portion of its market share, which amounts to 10% in the Indian market, the market that pumped large sums into it on advertisements and promotions for its phones, and the managers in the company thought at the time that there was no point in throwing more Of money on those things.


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