Bitcoin: monster rally, flagpole or nothing?

4개월 전

There is currently a lot of fire in the Bitcoin course. Over the Christmas holidays, the price of the leading crypto currency has risen sharply, rising above the $ 28,000 mark for the first time.

Starting from the correction low in March, the price has now increased almost eightfold. Monster rally, flagpole and the end - or just the beginning of a long bull market?


Bitcoin is rising at a dizzying rate to a new all-time high, jumping the $ 28,000 mark for the first time.
The first to speak of blistering. Above all, speculators see the increase over the holidays at work, who have used the exchange-free phase (all trading venues were closed) to gamble in the world's leading crypto currency. Maybe out of boredom. Is it that easy?

No euphoria like in the first big boom

Bitcoin stood at ~ $ 7,000 a year ago, compared to $ 28,000 today. And that's not the end of it. The euphoria we saw in the first big boom three years ago has not returned up to now.

That's a good sign.

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