Birthday Greetings: @jamerussell

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A special birthday greeting goes out to


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James Russell (@jamerussell) has been on the Steem blockchain since July 2018. However, it seems much longer because he has networked and become a memorable and active presence. He has been a regular attendee of the longest running curation show for Steem posts on Discord, "Pimp Your Post Thursday" (PYPT) in The Ramble, where he is more likely to share someone else's post as one of his own. He is also a member of TheAlliance and other projects, as well.

Most notably, however, he joined the @steemterminal project shortly after its inception. We soon recognized that he was "Moderator material," always thinking things through before taking action, and being fair in his judgements. He has been a fantastic Moderator and is well-loved by all in the SteemTerminal Discord server and is always quick to help others. He was promoted to the level of Administrator this week in recognition of his dilgence in the server.

Not long after hearing of the @heyhaveyamet project, he joined it as well. Since then, he has worked tirelessly, looking at new accounts on the blockchain. He visits their #introduceyourself posts and reads them carefully, welcoming them to the blockchain and inviting them to the SteemTerminal Discord server if they have questions or need assistance. He works very closely with @brittandjosie each day to coordinate this work, and he has helped many people feel more comfortable on the blockchain and receive answers to their questions!

THANK YOU for all your assistance, hard work, and for being such a great guy and good friend to all! Happy Birthday!

Check out one of their recent posts:

👉 Making a Simple Post a Little Classier, Part 2

This would enable us to connect and engage with even more new Steemian accounts. If so, please contact Ren at (xcountytravelers#7157) in the Discord Server Steem Terminal or down below in the comments. We appreciate your interest in helping us to help others.

to learn more about either of these projects, please visit: @heyhaveyamet or @steemterminal

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Happy birthday to the best papi in the world...enjoy your day!!😘🤗

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happy birthday, brutha!

Thank you for the recognition @steemterminal! It's been a sincere pleasure to work with the people that we work with in both the Hey! Have Ya Met...? project and the Steem Terminal.
And thank you for recognizing the members of the Steem Terminal as well.

Happy Birthday James 🎂🎈🎉
May your day bring you much joy and blessings and Smiles 😉
You are loved my friend 🤗❤️🤗

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Sweet friend we are the intro team, so we talk everyday. Friendships online do evolve in to more. So I hope you have a wonderful day. Congrats also to your wife and I would have baked you a Rita cake but with all the virusses I will do that later 😉 talk soon

happy birthday gentleman James ❤

Many happy returns!

Dude, we don't know each other, but seeing you look in that picture with such a beautiful bike, it's like seeing the father I've always wanted hahaha... I love bikes and yours looks great... I wish you a happy birthday brother. May your journey through this world, remain masterful. Packed with adventures, experiences, lots of music. Again, happy birthday ✌

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Happy birthday my sweet friend. I appreciate you being part of @steemterminal, @heyhaveyamet, and our lives. Our lives are better with you in it!

Happy Birthday, James! I hope you're having a great one!

Happy birthday @jamerussell
and happy new ADMIN
in steemterminal too
Have a great week!

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you :)

Happy Birthday James :)

Hope you have a good day.

100% vote, good work being a moderator, it's not an easy job :)

Happy Birthday MAN!

@alliedforces curate 2

A crazy day for me ... sry for not being able to be here before!
My best wishes as always, you know, we love you James!!

Felicitaciones, Happy birthday @jamerussell