When The Reffary Felt Guilty After Showing Yellow Card

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Hi friends good morning to everyone.Hope you are all well.I am also well Alhamdulillah.But we all are going under a big storm of sorrow by lossing Diego, the GOAT of Football.

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Before starting any football match all the players, managements and supporters spent silence of 1 minute to show respect for the legend.

Leonel Messi, the student and fan of Diego is very emotional we all know.He tried to deducade his goal in the memories of Maradona and he puts off his FCB jersey to show the jersey of New-Old-Boys where Diego played in the last of his career.

You can see Leo tried to celebrate just like the legend Diego Maradona used to.



Now here is the twist.In the rules of FIFA there is a rule that if a player put off his Jersey during the match he will get warned by the referee with yellow card.So the match referee has to do his duty in the match and he showed yellow card to Messi.But after the match he feel that, "If any player show respect to anyone or support any any movement, then he should not be punished."And he requested to FIFA and La-Liga to call of the card from Messi.Besides he hopes to change the rule of this criteria.

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