Weekend walk and daddy suddenly offer to buy

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Hello everyone. Sorry for my absence over the past few weeks. The cellphone my dad gave me to track my #actifit was broken, and I did not get a replacement. So sad to begin with, it was not even I broke it, dad is the one who is supposed to replace it because he was playing with it the time the phone was broken.

Anyway, fast forward to what happened today, suddenly daddy came and offer me to buy all my #steem. He never do that, this is the first time in 2 years since I joined the blockchain. He was saying, there is this new initiative called HIVE is going to happen in a day or two. So he said he will buy my tokens in case if the price fall.

So, I am allowed to use the computer to make a blog entry about the sale, but the only dApp I am logged in is this #sportstalk channel. Apologize if this post was not somehow related to sports, but I will make a report on my morning walk the other day we went before the lockdown happen here in our country.

This is it. Dad said he will deposit the money into my bank account for my future education. I will have to send that amount of STEEM to him over the weekend as he said.

As for workout, we basically have nothing much to work about because our country already start lockdown. This was the last time we saw the sun last weekend when we went out for a morning run with daddy. I am hoping daddy will get me a replacement phone soon, so I can continue to post.

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