NCAA Men's Basketball Top 25 1/21/2020

3개월 전

Bit of a slow night last night with only two ranked teams playing. It was actually more than that when I wrote my post yesterday, but the new rankings have come out and at least one of the teams that was in the top 25 has dropped out now.

On the Big 10 Front, both Michigan and Ohio State have dropped out of the top 25 while Rutgers has moved back up into one of the spots. I am actually a bit surprised to see that Indiana is not somewhere in the top 25 having a record of 14-4.

In a surprising twist, Gonzaga has finally been bumped out of the first place spot by Baylor. I think it is interesting to note that there are only three teams in the top 25 that have two or less losses. In fact, San Diego State is currently ranked #4 and has zero losses on the season. Strength of schedule is definitely a factor, but it is still impressive that they have made it this far without a loss. Especially in a season where so many upsets have taken place.

Typically I think the top ten at this point in the season gives you a pretty good idea of who the #1 seeds might be in the tournament. I don't think that is the case this year. I think it is going to be anyone's guess who ends up clinching those top spots. We might even see a play-in team go deep in the bracket this year.

Eight top 25 games will be played tonight. If you were going to pick one or two to watch I would recommend the Georgia/Kentucky game. Having home court advantage should be good for the Wildcats, but I have been wrong before about them.

I'd also check out the Kansas State/Kansas game. Even though K State doesn't have the best record, I have a feeling they will play hard in this rivalry game.

Actually, looking back at the stats, I think all but two of the games should be really good tonight. Wyoming at San Diego State should be a snoozer as well as Maryland at Northwestern who has struggled quite a bit this whole season.

Personally, I wouldn't want to try to guess the outcome of any of the other games.

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