NCAA Men's Hoops Recap 1/23/2020

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Only one notable upset to highlight from last night. Take a look at the Memphis/Tulsa score. That is just insane! Sure Tulsa was the home team and at #20 Memphis is potentially a bubble team at best. Holy cow though, a 40 point victory tells me that absolutely nothing was going right for Memphis and everything was going right for Tulsa.

Louisville had a tight game against Georgia Tech, I almost watched that game, but I was pretty spun out from my busy day yesterday. I tried to catch a little bit of the Penn State/Michigan game, but that couldn't hold my attention either. Neither of those teams are ranked, but the Penn State win over Michigan at Michigan is pretty significant given the way the Wolverines started the season.

At this point they may be in jeopardy of not making it to the tournament.

Auburn looks to be getting things back together after some stunning losses over the past month. It will be interesting to see how they finish the season.

In action tonight we will see Michigan State vs. Indiana. This could be a very good game. Both teams are 14-4 and with the home court advantage the Hoosiers will be hard to beat. I am hoping the Spartans can pull out a victory.

I wouldn't be shocked to see a Washington State upset over Colorado. They are going to want some redemption after the tough loss to Oregon. Oregon may also have their hands full tonight with USC. I wouldn't be shocked to wake up tomorrow to see a UConn upset of Houston tomorrow either.

In other news, the instigator of the Kansas/Kansas State brawl got a measly 12 game suspension from the NCAA. I think that is pretty light for the actions he took. Something closer to twenty games would have made more sense to me. Perhaps they did 12 because that will put them pretty close to the end of the season. According to the news some of the other players involved got suspended for fewer games.


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well, Louisville dodged a bullet (pronounced Lew-uh-vull in case you were wondering) That Tulsa game has to be some sort of record.


Oh trust me. It drives my wife crazy because I pronounce it the right way. It basically goes like this: "why do you have to say it like that? You sound like you have balls in your mouth". :)