NCAA Mens Hoops Recap 1/29/2020

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I knew I should have put some money down on that Florida State/Virginia game! Being a home game for the Cavaliers I had a good feeling that they would be able to covert the upset over the #5 Seminoles. Fantastic job Virginia, this continues to be an awesomely exciting season of college basketball.

Most of the other games went pretty much the way I expected them to. I knew that Butler/Georgetown game was going to be a tough one. The five point differential in the final score tells me I was right. It is too bad that the Hoyas couldn't achieve the upset at home.

How about that Auburn/Ole Miss game that went into two overtimes. Perhaps the early struggles of the Tigers are not behind them after all. It is amazing how a team can be in the top 10 one week and then a couple weeks later they fall out of the top 25 completely. I don't expect Auburn will fall that far, but it wasn't that long ago they were in the top five I think and then suffered two huge losses.

It is also weird not to find teams that I am familiar seeing in the top 25 scores. I can't remember the last time I saw an Ohio State score posted on my feed. I know that Michigan won their game last night against Nebraska (sorry @gooddream), but only because I specifically looked it up.

Lots of action tonight with 11 top twenty five games happening.

Michigan State should have a pretty easy home win over Northwestern. If I had to pick a couple of games to focus on the Indiana/Penn State should be pretty good. The West Virginia/Texas Tech game could be a potential upset as well. Everything else should fall pretty much the way we expect. Here is hoping that New Mexico pulls out a miracle home win over San Diego State to blow their perfect record.

Tune in tomorrow for the recap!


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