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The GOAT of the NFL (Patriots) has call it.
Respectfully he is saying the longest thank you to Patriots and the fans altogether.
Brady has been the main character for the New England Patriot for quite sometimes.
Last year there were an incident in one of the game.
The way Belichic talked to him, did not feel promising to see Brady coming back.

With Patriot it is fully business 24/7. This is the ideology of Belichic that make them
so special. This team plays with any players. As long they follow the coach
they will win. I think some talents are needed as well.
Brady has proven to be a cash cow for them for a good decade.
Lately the team has not been really good by losing all the top coaches to other teams.
At the same time few teams dare to play them to win. this year even Dolphins took a shot at an important game and won. Making Brady and company play their first round match where they lost to Tennessee.

Brady has been fine financially for years. So many Super bowls ring and he knows every year
Patriots could win it all.
Is this the right time for his move ?
As of right now Bucks could be the team to get his service. Brady could retired as well. With Corona gathering momentum, Not sure if NFL season will even be a thing in 2020. Brady I wish you the best wherever you go.

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